Should I have my unit serviced?

Yes, without a doubt! The average home in the south is constantly fighting humidity, sudden weather changes, and extreme heat (and sometimes cold) just to name a few.

Your unit needs regular maintenance and tuning up just as a car does. And just as a car, doing so on a schedule will extend the life of your system and keep it working at its top performance.


Do we sell used equipment?

NO! It would be a very risky thing for any home owner to purchase used air conditioning equipment. Please give us a call with your questions or concerns and we will assist you in any way possible.

My unit seems to run all the time on really hot or cold days.

What should I do?

Good! Really, that is a good thing.

It’s like a car on the highway. It gets good mileage because it’s not stopping and restarting all of the time. Your air conditioning and heating system is the same way. It’s best on the hot, muggy days for the unit to have a longer cycle. This way, more humidity is taken out which increases comfort while saving you money.

Also, heat pumps are great for most winter days. On the extremely cold days and nights your unit will run quite a bit, though, and sometimes the backup heat strips will come on to help the heat pump as well.

What should I leave my thermostat set on?

Whatever makes you comfortable. If 80 degrees makes you happy, set it to 80 degrees. If 68 degrees feels right to you, set it on 68 degrees.

If it’s 75 degrees – you get the picture. If you want to save a little money, follow the saying, “Set it and forget it”.

How often should I replace my filter and what type should I use?

Change your filter monthly. It’s the easiest way to save money.

Some customers, especially those with allergies, may prefer a pleated filter. One thing to remember about these is the fact that they need to be changed more often than regular filters, contrary to what they may tell you. They are thicker and if they catch more pollutants, doesn’t it make sense that they need to be changed more often?

However, no filter catches everything. Therefore, the coils on your indoor unit also need to be serviced or cleaned regularly to make sure you aren’t breathing in pollutants.

What if I have hot or cold spots in my home?

Every precaution should be taken to keep the temperature within a 3 degree range throughout your home. Occasionally there are still hot or cold spots. It could be caused by a duct that got crushed, open blinds or curtains, a dirty filter, etc.

Many times the hot or cold spot is in a bedroom of which the door is usually kept closed. Please note that a room with a shut door will not remain the same temperature as the rest of the house. Keep in mind that in order to be comfortable you must pull unwanted cold or hot air from the room as well as pumping desired warmer or cooler air into the room. This cannot be done when the door is closed because the return cannot reach or pull air from that room.

If you keep all doors open and the room is still warmer or cooler than the others, we will be happy to come out and look at it.

Do you sell filters or know where I can get an odd size filter?

We will bring a new filter for your home if you notify us of your filter size when you schedule any service of your units.

You may also find odd filter sizes at distributors such as Baker Distributing (229)436-0361.

What is my warranty?

You have one year of complete parts and labor warranty on all installations(we offer a two year labor warranty when this website is mentioned). The parts are provided by the manufacturer and Dyes Heating and Cooling provide any labor needed. Manufacturers offer from 5-12 years of parts warranty as well as limited lifetime/lifetime warranties(gas systems). Ask who’s who now?

How often should we get our system serviced?

Ideally, twice a year or when there are major weather changes. Some customers prefer to have their units serviced annually, however.

Service agreements can be paid for in advance or at the time of service. As part of this arrangement, we will automatically remind you when it is time to service your unit.

Unfortunately, properly maintaining your system does not completely eliminate the chance of ever having a problem with your system. Therefore, we also extend a 10% discount to all Service Agreement holders on any additional work needed between services as well as one emergency visit at no cost for our bi-annual agreement holders.